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Long Term Care “has the potential to make or break a retirement plan.”, 8-31-17
  • Long Term Care Planning in the United States

    More than 70% of all Americans will require some form of Long Term Care in their lifetime. As such, it is important that all Americans plan for the possibility that they or a family member will experience significant Long Term Care expenses in the future.


  • Who Needs Long Term Care Coverage?

    Even if only one spouse requires such care, the financial burden can easily undermine the best retirement planning, leaving the healthy spouse in a dire financial situation. Many times, coverage for Long Term Care expenses is most important for the surviving spouse.


  • What Are LTC Alternatives?

    Today, there is real hope for families as they begin to plan their retirement.  As our nation’s population has aged, new hybrid options have arisen that can cover the costs of Long Term Care and at the same time, offer the benefits of other traditional financial instruments like Life Insurance and Annuities.


Personalized Long Term Care Funding Solutions

You can protect your family today with Long Term Care planning tools and creative alternatives to high priced LTC Insurance Policies.

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Ann Arbor LTC is an exclusive partner with Annuix Long Term Care Solutions, a nationally recognized, fully accredited, Michigan-based source dedicated to providing smart and cost-effective Long Term Care planning tools and funding alternatives.

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